FB23 will be held at Wanda Realm Beijing.

As the number of rooms at the venue hotel is limited, please reserve your room as early as possible.

Please book your room directly with the hotel first, and if you need any assistance, you could also contact us at

1. Wanda Realm Beijing 5* 北京万达嘉华酒店


   Address: No. Jia 18 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, P.R.China

   Tel: +86 (010) 88681188

FB23 Special Room Rate: CNY 650 per room per night  including tax and 1 or 2 breakfasts.

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More details of the hotel

Wanda Realm Beijing's overall design motif in a simple modern style which is association in fashion and sober. The extension to space highlights extraordinary quality with the balance between western-style architecture and oriental elements.

Wanda Realm Beijing is equipped with 309 magnificent guestrooms and suites which are designed for unparalleled comfort and pleasure, featuring 3 restaurants with different cuisines from formal dining to a relaxed buffet. For events large or small, Wanda Realm Beijing is at your service with the leading banquet The first-class leisure facilities provides the business travelers a gathering place to refresh body, mind and spirit, including a state-of-the-art gym and an in-door heated swimming pool.

2. Mercure Beijing Wanshang 4* facilities 北京万商花园美居酒店

    Address: 1 Yinhe Street, Shi Jing Shan District, 100043 Beijing, China

    Tel: +86 (010) 8868 1199

    Distance to conference venue: 900m, 5-8 mins walk

Book a room

Please contact the hotel by email at, or call +86 (0)10-6868 1199 and transfer Reservation Dept.  

More details of the hotel

Located west of the city, Mercure Wanshang Beijing is an oasis for leisure getaways and corporate guests. The airport express bus terminal is next to the hotel and close to exciting attractions including TianAnMen Square, Great Wall of China, Shijingshan Amusement Park and Laoshan BMX arena. Boasting 280 affordable and comfortable rooms, the hotel features 2 pools, an exclusive fitness and beauty centre, 2 restaurants and multifunctional meeting rooms with postcard views.

Mercure Beijing Wanshang is located in the west of Beijing along Changan avenue. Distance being just 50kms from Capital International Airport, 30mins from the Beijing West Train station, 5mins walk to the MRT subway and 30 minutes to downtown.


Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), center of politics, culture, transport, tourism and international communication of China, is a fast-growing, dynamic metropolis, attracts foreign businesses and visitors, and maintains a firm grip on its rich cultural heritage. A monolithic showcase that may give a brief view of Beijing to foreign visitors breakdowns as follows:

  • Area: 16,800 sq km (6552 sq mi)

  • Population: 21.7 million

  • Country: People’s Republic of China

  • People: 95% Han Chinese

  • Main language: Mandarin (putonghua)

  • Time zone: GMT/UTC plus 8 hours

  • Telephone area code: 010

To travel in Beijing, you’d better know something about Beijing’s history. Because of its perfectly combined ancient history and modern culture, Beijing has attracted visitors from all over the world. Beijing citizens receive millions of visitors at home and abroad every year with their everlasting enthusiasm, humor and hospitality.

As an ancient city, its history can be traced back to 3,000 years ago. In the Spring-Autumn and Warring Periods (770 BC – 221 BC), Yan Nation established its capital in Beijing, calling it “Ji”. In Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty and Three Kingdom Period, Beijing area is the center of northern China. Wang Mang established its capital in Beijing in the Yan Nation at the end of the Western Han Dynasty, so Beijing is also called “Yanjing”. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Liao Nation established the Capital in Beijing, calling it “Pei”, Jin Dynasty officially established its Capital in Beijing. Since then, the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty all established Capital in Beijing, with a total of 34 emperors reigned in Beijing in China’s ancient history.

The long history of Beijing has left a large number of cultural relics and various human landscapes, which provide very rich tourism resources for Beijing. The magnificent Great Wall and the Forbidden City are the world-famous tourist attractions. The beauty of the Summer Palace, Beihai, Xiangshan, and the Temple of Heaven are all great magnets for visitors.

After the founding of New China, as the country’s political and cultural center, Beijing has made great progress in its social business and urban infrastructure facilities, especially in the period of more than 20 years after 1978 with the implementation of “reforming and opening up”. Beijing has developed and changed rapidly since then. Now, it is a modern city with high-rise buildings, shopping malls and vast international hotels connected by intricate freeway and subway systems crisscrossing the city.

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